The hotel charges to contribute on the official homepage of the Noah house resort

When it is sold at a cheap price though it is staying contents and the condition that the staying contents which I guarantee "to be a lowest price", and were reserved in our site sell in other reservation sites, please contact me than follows inquiry within 24 hours after a reservation.

When I confirm other reservation sites where you contacted, and the best rate is not followed, I guarantee that I have you stay at a lowest price and the rate that there was of the news from a visitor.

The best rate warranty condition

The best rate warranty condition There is need to meet the following condition on promising the guarantee of the best rate.

  • The same hotel
  • A same staying day (arrival, the departure date)
  • The same number of people
  • Equal room type
  • Adjustment method same at equivalence check-in check-out time
  • The same adjustment method
  • The same service and privilege contents (include amenity) best rate guarantee are not intended

The best rate guarantee is not intended

In the case of follows, I exclude it from a target for comparison on promising the guarantee of the best rate. Thank you for your understanding beforehand.

  • Rate (including the exclusive rate for the tie-ups with an authorized member and corporation contract rate, a rate for groups, specific facilities) that does not intend for a general visitor.
  • Package rate to be accompanied by the facilities use and means of transportation except the staying, a meal.
  • The rate that I accept a reservation only over a telephone, and the reservation does not have on a cage, a Web site.
  • Rate (e.g.:) that a hotel side does not deal directly ) including the sale (arrangement trips) by the travel agent and the sale in The net auction.